Rocketbook Smart Notebook

Rocketbook – The Smart Notebook

At a glance

  • The smart notebook
  • The notebook that never ends
  • Write your notes, or your notes and in a few seconds they will be stored in the cloud of your choice
  • Includes a FriXion erasable pen

What does it consist of?

It looks like a traditional notebook, but it is designed for these days when everything is digitized. It allows you to write without limits. A Pilot brand FriXion erasable pen is included, with it you can write or draw whatever you want. Download the Rocketbook application to scan and in a few seconds you will have saved your annotations in the cloud that you choose, such as Google Drive, box, Dropbox, and etc.

The new version Rocketbook Fusion has the particularity that you will find a notebook, a calendar and a planner all in the same notebook. Seven page templates to have all your notes, notes, plans, schedules and calendars together and without taking up too much space.

You don’t need it to be very thick because the pages of this smart notebook are made of polyethylene and easily wiped away with a damp cloth.

Who do you win with for sure?

It is ideal for students, but also to take to meetings or even very useful at home for the shopping list, for example.

It’s a great gift because …

Because it is a notebook that can be 100 at the same time. It is very light, so that students can carry it in their backpacks without being heavily loaded or carry them in their work bag.

You should know that …

  • Letter model:  has 32 pages and measures 21.59 cm x 27.94 cm (close to A4)
  • Executive model: has 36 pages and measures 15.24 cm x 22.35 cm (close to A5)
  • Fusion model : it has 42 pages and measures 15.2 cm x 22.4 cm. Has:
    • 1 to-do list page
    •  2 pages of weekly planner
    •  1 monthly calendar page
    •  1 page of OKRs
    • 1 page of ideas
    • 18 dot grid pages
    • 18 lined pages

So, if you love the tech gadget and want to try the new devices, I believe you must try this awesome notebook.