How To Remove Any System App From Your Android Smartphone Without Root

Surely you have ever wondered if it is possible to remove the annoying applications that come in the operating system and that we cannot uninstall, which is well-known as bloatware. You should know that it is possible to delete the apps on Android without being the root user. Are you wondering how? Yes, it’s possible using the ADB commands and it’s very simple. In this tutorial, I will be sharing the whole procedure. So, just follow the steps below.

As we say, you don’t need to be root users to perform this procedure. We completely forget that the system can be damaged (as long as you do not uninstall an essential application for the correct stability of the smartphone), we will uninstall applications using ADB commands, something quite useful that you should know.

Delete apps without root, using ADB commands

To perform the procedure, we first need to enable the USB debugging option. To enable the USB Debugging option, you will need the access to the Developer Option. To enable the hidden Developer Option, go to the setting option in your phone then go to phone information, and finally tap 7 times in the build number and you’ll then get a message that system the developer option is enabled. This is where we will need to activate the USB debugging feature.

Now, we download the App Inspector app, so that we can locate the location or package of the application that we want to uninstall (Package name). This is essential because if we do not know its origin, we will not be able to remove it using ADB commands from the system. But it is also necessary to have the drivers on the computer:

We are now ready to proceed with uninstalling any application that is usually resisted, let’s remove the bloatware that the systems bring and that we will not use.

We just have to run as CMD administrator or in default PowerShell on our Windows to start entering the commands (all of them are without the quotation marks):

  • Connect your smartphone to your computer and type“adb devices”– without the quotes – press Enter
  • A list of devices attached should appear, and a number that identifies your phone
  • Now, type“adb shell”– without the quotes – and press Enter
  • If you have not installed the above application you can use the command “pm list packages | grep ‘name of your mobile manufacturer'” to know all the installed apps

Once we know what is the package name of the application that we will uninstall either thanks to the App Inspector app or by the aforementioned command, to remove it completely we introduce the command “pm uninstall -k –user 0 ‘package name'”.

For example, to uninstall the OnePlus launcher would be “pm uninstall -k –user 0 ‘net.oneplus.launcher’” – with single quotes -. That’s how easy we can uninstall any application without having to be root users, something quite simple to do, right?

Just to remember, be very careful with what you delete, as there are certain system applications that are really necessary.

Uninstall vs disable apps, what are the differences?

Although it is not possible to uninstall the applications from the system, we can disable them as long as the manufacturer gives us the option. But what are the differences between processes?

The distinction is quite simple. Uninstalling an application deletes all information stored from it on the system completely. This means that it will not be possible to recover it unless the installation is performed manually, or the operating system is reinstalled. But we manage to save space on the device so that we can use it for another application or more personal data such as photographs, music, etc.

On the other hand, disabling applications keeps the installation package in internal storage so that the operating system can recover it when the user wants to roll back the changes. Therefore, it still occupies a space that we will not be able to take advantage of.

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