We’ve already done analysis more then 20 credit cards to find out which credit cards has very lower interest rates. Finally we’ve found some credit cards with lower interest rates that you can use for next time use and purchase online or offline.

So, If you’re looking for having a newly credit card then I hope you’ll enjoy reading this articles by knowing more about your next credit cards. So without waiting, just scroll down and enjoy reading this article to get your best credit cards.

Low Interest Credit Cards List

  1. Citi Double Cash Master Card
  2. Wells Fargo Platinum Visa Credit Card
  3. Chase Slate Visa Card
  4. BankAmericard Credit Card
  5. Citi Simplicity Card

Those 5 credit cards have too much lower interest rates. So you can choose any of those credit cards to save your money and enjoy better life. Now let’s see some info about those credit cards bellow.

1. Citi Double Cash Card

If you’re looking for cash back on every purchase, then this credit card is one of
the best card for you. Most of time this card pays 2% cashback on your purchase and transfered directly to your bank account that you can withdraw using the card also. This card also allow lower interest and the ongoing interest rate is also very low and starting from 13.24% to 23.24%(variable) but some of their clients are also enjoying 7.99% interest rate also and the another great thing is there have not annual fees on your card. Their card brand is MasterCard.

2. Wells Fargo Platinum Visa Credit Card

Wells Fargo presents Platinum Visa Credit card is also another alternative to citi
bank presents double cash card. The normal interest rate of this card starts from 15.40% to 25.24% (Variable) with having zero annual fees. There approval rate is also awesome and super fast than other banks. Their foreign transaction fee is 3% and cash advance fee is 5% with 3% balance transfer fee on 1st 15 months and after that 5% on every balance transfer. They also provide the service fraud liability. Their card brand is Visa Card.

3. Chase Slate Visa Card

Chase Slate Visa Card come up with their great 0% intro APR on both purchase and also balance transfer. But currently they doesn’t provide the chase slate card to chase slate card balance transfer feature. Their regular APR starts from¬†13.24% to 23.24%(variable). They also doesn’t charge any types of annual fees now. But currently they doesn’t provide any reward program for purchase and transactions. Brand of Chase Slate Credit Card is Visa Card.

4. BankAmericard Credit Card

The interest rate of this credit card starts from¬†11.24% to 21.24%. They doesn’t provide any intro interest rates to zero but they provide 0% balance transfer fees on first 18¬†billing cycles. But one thing is need to get approve for their credit card¬†is to have the good or excellent credit score. Their annual fee is $0 that mens they doesn’t have any annual fees for their credit card. The credit card brand is MasterCard. Their normal balance transfer fee and the foreign transaction fee is only 3%. Their penalty APR is up to 29.99% based on your creditworthiness.

5. Citi Simplicity Card

The APR/Interest rate of Citi Simplicity Card starts from¬†13.24 to¬†23.24%(Variable). But First 21 month there haven’t any interest rate because first 21 month your purchase APR will be 0%. They also doesn’t have any types of hidden charge on their annual fees and late payment fees. Their regular balance transfer and foreign transfer fee is only 3%. Their credit card brand is MasterCard. This is a non-reward credit card that means you won’t be able to generate any profit or cashback on you purchases.


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