Friendship Lamps by Filimin
Friendship Lamps by Filimin

Best Long Distance Friendship Lamp

This awesome long distance friendship lamp can be the best gift idea for the person you care about. This lamp is made of the Filimin which can generate a mind-blowing effect when someone touches one.

You might ask what is the long distance friendship lamp? Okay, below I’m answering the question right now.

What is Long Distance Friendship Lamp?

A Long Distance Friendship Lamp is the best way to Stay Connected together with that person that you really love. This will transfer the touch and feel to another by notifying to the 2nd device that your loving person has. This will form different colors based on your activities and touches.

How This Long Distance Friendship Lamp Works?

Below I’ve shared a video overview from The Grommet about this lamp. This video will show you how it works and how actually it transfer the touches and feels from one to another lamp and let you know if someone is remembering you.

This lamp will come with some cables including Ethernet Cord, Filimin bridge, bridge cord power and finally the charger and the special friendship lamp. If you connect both lamps with wifi, it will be automatically be connected with another.

How To Set Up Long Distance Friendship Lamp?

For making it easier for you, I’ve shared a video guideline from YouTube channel UncommonGoods, that actually helps you to know how you can set up this awesome Friendship Filimin Lamp. Go ahead and watch this below video. It’ll not take more than 39 seconds I promise.

Anyway, if you’re still deciding the perfect gift for the person you love, I think you should stop thinking now. Because this is the idle gift for your love. This can always help both of you to stay connected.

Extra Benefits Long Distance Friendship Lamp

If you’re in a relationship and if you want to take care of your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, son, daughter or anyone else, you can use this long distance friendship lamp (couple lamp). This will let you know if the person is really missing you a lot or not.

Suppose you the couple lamp (2 pieces), in which one is in your office and another is in your home. If she touches the lamp, you will get notified with the rainbow colors in the lamp situated in your office. This can generate different colors based on the touch you or your favorite person makes.

How This Long Distance Friendship Lamp Can Help You To Overcome A Sudden Situation?

You can tell your favorite person to touch on the different places to sent different colors based on any situation. Suppose you can say you favorite parson, that if she face any problem just to touch on a side that actually generate red colors. So, as a result, if she face any kinds of trouble and if she can’t access her mobile, she can easily touch this lamp to generate the red color so that you can get notified and finally can help her to get out of the trouble.


Based on the above review, I can ensure that this lamp can not only help you to get remembered but also can help you to get help in any kind of situation and problems by letting other know.

So, if you’re still thinking if you need to go ahead with this lamp, you should stop thinking now. Because it’s time to place the order rather than thinking. This long distance friendship lamp has not only a beautiful outlook but also has awesome usefulness which can always help in any situation.