Hey freelancer friends, hope you’re doing very well. Today I’m going to write a special article for Bangladeshi Upwork users about how they can get paid through  Rocket(formerly Dutch-Bangla Bank Ltd. Mobile Banking). Before writing this article, I’ve already tested this ways and it works like a charm and withdrawal is too faster than others. I’ve received my second payment of Rocket within a day only. In that day, I’ve requested a payment to my Rocket account at the very morning at 8:00 am in Bangladeshi time and received the money before the evening of the same day. By the way let me share how you can add your Rocket account to Upwork. So let’s move on and follow the steps that I’ll do here.

How To Get Paid From Upwork To Dutch-Bangla Bank Mobile Banking (Rocket) Account


Step 1: Login to your Upwork account and click on “⚙️ Settings” from drop down options of account.

UpWork To Rocket (Step 1)

Step 2: As setting is a secure process, you’ve enter your password once again to get access to setting page and update any details that you want.

UpWork To Rocket (Step 2)

Step 3: Now click on “Get Paid” from left side menu and then click on “Add Method” for adding Rocket account or any other account.UpWork To Rocket (Step 3)

Step 4: Now select the “Direct to Local Bank (BDT)” by clicking on the “Set Up” button.

UpWork To Rocket (Step 4)

Step 5: Now Enter the swift code of Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd. head office and click on “Go button followed by the image bellow. The swift code is also used as the swift code of Rocket(Mobile Banking). The swift code is “DBBLBDDH“.

UpWork To Rocket (Step 5)

Step 6: It’s the very important step. In this step we’ve to enter every single details accurately or very correctly.  So fill the form with the correct information. Please keep in mind that different name will cause you the problem of receiving the money. So Rocket account holder name and Upwork account holder name should be same“.

Please follow the image bellow to know how to fill the form perfectly or you can also follow the instruction bellow.

UpWork To Rocket (Step 6)

So, if you didn’t understand the image then I’m going to clarify this again. By the way, you just follow the instrustions bellow to fill-up the form..

  • Account Number : Use your rocket account number with last digit.
  • Branch Name : Simply Copy & paste this – “DUTCH-BANGLA BANK LTD (ROCKET)“.
  • Branch Address : For avoiding the late(slow) transfer, we’ll use the address of head office of DBBL like this. (“SENAKALYAN BHABAN,195,MOTIJHEEL C/A“). 
  • Name of Account : Enter the name that you’ve used in your Upwork account and Rocket account.
  • Address : Enter your permanent address that have in your government issued national identity card.
  • City & State : Enter your city name that listed on the back side of your national identity card.
  • Country : Bangladesh
  • Phone Number : Enter your phone number without country code.

That’s it. After you’ve enter all those details on the form, you just tick mark to the option ” ☑ I attest that I am the owner and have full authorization to this bank account” and click on “Add this Account” button.

If you’ve completed all the steps above that I’ve mentioned, then you’re ready to get paid the money to your Rocket account from your Upwork account. But please keep in mind that Upwork takes three days for security purpose to become your payment method active and usable.

You can use the same way to add the Rocket account to other freelancing or online earning website to get paid from them too.  ☺

I’ve one more good news for you guys and that is if you withdraw money from Upwork to Rocket(Dutch Bangla Bank Mobile Banking) then you’ll get the 2% remittance bonus. ☺

So hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. If you really enjoyed reading this tutorial, then please do share with your freelancer friends, so that they can also withdraw the money through Rocket account. ☺


    • Hello Bayejid bro,
      The withdrawal system from Upwork to Rocket is so faster (if you follow my step).
      There is no hidden charge from Rocket(Bank) but Upwork will charge $0.99 for sending the money. I mean, if you withdraw $100 from Upwork, you’ll receive total $99.01 in you rocket account with 2% remittance bonus from Upwork. This $99.01 will be converted to Bangladeshi Taka before depositing to your rocket account.
      One more important fact is, your Upwork account holder name and your Rocket account holder name should be same.

      I hope you understand this. But if you still have any question then please don’t hesitate to let us know.

      Tuhin Tushar

    • Dear Bayejid Bro, I’m so happy to hear that you’ve received your money within a very short period with my method.

      By the way, if you believe that it really works well then please keep sharing this post with your friends and family as much as you can. And obviously don’t forgot to stay tuned with TheSmartMind.

  1. Which option is better according to exchange rate and bonus? or
    Which way I will get more money?

    1. Upwork to Rocket
    2. Payoneer to Rocket

    • Dear Mashiur Bro,

      Thanks for your query.

      I prefer to use Upwork to rocket for faster process, which means you’ll get the money from Upwork to Rocket within 1 days(sometimes within 4 hours). But if you have time to wait then Payoneer to Rocket is good because Payoneer’s exchange rate is much better than Upwork.

      Now take decision according to your need 🙂

      Tuhin Tushar

    • Yes brother. Please try to put the address of head office to get the money faster on your rocket account.

      Remember, this works only with Rocket (Dutch-Bangla Mobile Banking).

    • No Problem. You will get your cash without any problem.

      But now, Upwork will sent the money to DBBL Head office and then they will send it to Jessore branch. After that, the money will be credited to your Rocket account. But honestly, your money is safe. 🙂


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