How To Find Your Perfect Match?

When you want to find a partner, you usually look for a partner with similar characteristics. To have a stable relationship as a couple, there is work for both parties to work on themselves, while helping and pushing each other to be better companions and lovers.

Find Your Match

Key Factors

One of the key factors, to find a stable partner, is to work and dialogue constantly about the needs of each one and put it into practice, in these couples the perseverance to seek solutions to situations that can generate conflict.

Unfortunately we are in a society where most people are extremely impatient. When they don't get the results they want in a matter of weeks, sometimes even days, they just quit and give up.

Change of Style

Having a stable partner and starting a relationship is a lifestyle change. It is a change of mind. And just like working out in a gym, it takes time.

Success takes a long time. It is not an overnight thing, meeting the person, getting closer little by little, looking at the things you like and of course the things that can be improved, daring to ask what your new partner likes and why not , whatever bothers you, it all takes dedication, understanding and love.

Remember, the most common is to look for a partner similar to you People who like the same things tend to like each other. Therefore, if you want a partner of your level, it is important to work to prepare and improve yourself so that finally the universe brings you both together because you are really prepared.

If you want something exceptional, if you want something great, you have to first become great and exceptional. Not because you are doing it for someone else, but because you are doing it for yourself. Excellent, successful, and exceptional people have high standards, therefore they want someone who is on the same level, or at least relatively close, and who is willing to work their way up.

It is important not to go from “Salvador” through life, sometimes I have met people who try to save everyone they meet. They “fall in love” with people who have a truck full of problems and think: “I'm going to solve them.” But the reality is that if a person wants to improve and solve his problems, he looks for the way directly and does not wait for others to come to solve it.

Before meeting your ideal partner, work hard to be better independently. As you work and grow as a person you will find that you will find better quality couples

Life is too short to take the “crap” of others and to date people who are not adding value to life

Now this is a double-edged sword. If you are a truly successful man or woman and you want to date a successful partner, you must learn new ways to communicate.

Learn or Die

You will have to learn to leave your ego to become a trusting and trustworthy person, who sometimes pulls you on the rope and other times you give up the rope, from the security and from the relaxation that gives complete confidence in you and your partner.

The most important thing if you want to get a partner who trusts you. You have to be congruent with the things you say you do. From the beginning of the relationship you have to say what you want, what you think and what you want. It is about speaking clearly, of course with assertiveness but without excuses without delay.

You must show yourself as you are and exercise emotional control, because there are many people who hide who they really are during the first ninety days of their relationship.

In other words, if you have a weak point in your life and you realize it, speak freely and openly and admit it. The first step in fixing something in your life is admitting that you have a problem or something you need to pay more attention to, because most people don't want to acknowledge the problems they have. They prefer to simply ignore them. People do more and more to avoid critical pain than they will for having pleasure.

On Self-esteem

People who have low self-esteem or narcissistic tendencies at the beginning of a relationship make their partner grow, and then, after a while, the constant demolition begins, surely you have known a friend who has this happened in a relationship as a couple, and you know why they do it? Because that way they feel better.

Many times we have relationships with people that we really shouldn't have and they are trying to make up for the sheer amount of trouble that they bring them simply because they find them attractive or have fun or the sex is amazing. Remember, we make our decisions based on our emotions and we use logic and reason to justify our decisions. If you are emotionally involved in someone or something, you will be deceiving yourself.

It's after the infatuation ends and the honeymoon period, six months or a year later, that you really start to see things for what they are. And by that point, they could be living together, they could be engaged, or they could be pregnant. You have to pay close attention. You have to exercise emotional self-control, because people can hide who they really are during the first ninety days of a relationship. Remember it.

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