Download & Install Call of Duty Mobile Before Anyone Else


Now a great title has joined the battle of the Battle Royale games. Call of Duty Mobile has come to Android . Logically this game is very similar to PUBG and Fornite although it is superior in graphics and playability .

This title, for now, is in a closed beta . This means that it cannot be downloaded freely from the Google Play Store. Also, you can install the game manually . For this, all you have to do is follow our tutorial.

Download Call of Duty Mobile

It’s time for you to be the first to play Call of Duty Mobile

The premiere of the Call of Duty saga on mobile devices is called to be a worldwide phenomenon. Unfortunately, the game is only available for Android in the Australian Play Store , where Activision is conducting the first tests of the game in real games. Tired of waiting for the game to be available in Spain , today we are going to tell you how you can play now without having to catch a flight to Sydney.

Activision promises to transfer the essence of the Call Of Duty console to our smartphone. At the moment only a privileged few are able to enjoy the game in its beta version, and also in a specific territory such as Australia. While we wait for the official version to land in our country, we can skip this restriction through a few simple steps that we explain below.

It is not yet known what are the demands of this game so you can run without problems. But the truth is that it should work perfectly on mobiles that have a Snapdragon 845 or higher . Now, let’s start with the tutorial! 

The first thing we will have to do is download two files. The first one contains the “apk” or installable file of Call of Duty: Mobile. The second is a compressed file with all the necessary files for the game to work properly. That file will have to be extracted and placed on the following path inside our phone or on the microSD card: / Android / obb / Then we proceed to install the game by executing the previously downloaded “apk” file.

Now let’s do it step by step once again to get it understand clearly.

  • The first step is to download the Call of Duty Mobile APK.
  • Then, you must download the Obb file of the game on your mobile. This weighs 1.4 GB.
  • If you wish, you can download the file to your computer and then pass it to your mobile. When you go to transfer the information do not forget that you must pass the APK and the Obb file to the internal storage of your smartphone.
  • Now, using any file browser go to Internal storage – Android- Obb .
  • Once in Obb make a folder with this name : com.activision.callofdutyshooter.
  • Now copy the Obb file (com.activision.callofduty.shooter) to the folder you just created.
  • At this point, install the Call of Duty Mobile APK on your smartphone . If you receive a warning from Unknown Sources just accept and continue with the installation.

That’s it. You can now see the Call of Duty Mobile app on your terminal . Press on the application so you can start playing.

Use an Australian VPN While Playing

Before running the game, we will have to download an application specialized in VPN networks. There are many and varied in Android, but we will have to make sure that the app allows us to connect to an Australian server. Once connected to an Australian VPN network , Call of Duty: Mobile will allow us to enter your online games to test the game wherever we are. The only drawback is that we will be able to experience more “lag” than usual, since in addition to the game being in the testing phase, the game servers, added to the slower connection of connecting via VPN, could cause the Experience is not entirely satisfactory. However, it will be a good method to know what awaits us when the game lands completely in Spain.

If you are a super fan of FPS titles then don’t forget to try Call of Duty: Legends of War, you can now download it for Android . You can have fun to the fullest.

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