How to Add DBBL Rocket as a Payment Method in Google AdSense

For getting paid from Google Adsense to DBBL Rocket mobile banking, the first step is to add the account in Google Adsense payment method. DBBL Rocket mobile banking is one of the great methods that everyone would like to use. Because mobile banking accounts are really very easy to access and also it's very easy to create a mobile banking account as well. And I hope, all you guys already know that how easily the cash of mobile banking can be accessible. Anyway, without doing late, let's get into the main points about how to add DBBL Rocket as a payment method in Google AdSense easily.

How to Add DBBL Rocket as Payment Method in Google AdSense

For adding DBBL Mobile Banking (Rocket) as you Google Adsense payment method, please follow the steps below –

  • Go to Google AdSense Dashboard by clicking here
  • Once you're in the dashboard of Google AdSense, click on the Payments from the left side menu
  • Once you're in the Payments page, click on the “Manage Payment Methods” option shown in the screenshot below –
  • Once you've reached the next page (payment methods), click on the button that says “Add Payment Method

  • Now click on “Add new wire transfer details” from the given option.
  • Once you select the first option, it will gives you a form that you've to fill with your personal information (related to you and your bank account).
  • Follow the above image to fillup your information, or you can also follow the instruction given below to fill up the form.
Field NameInstruction to fill
Beneficiary IdLeave it empty
Name on bank accountEnter your full name here that listed in your bank account
Bank nameDutch-Bangla Bank Ltd
Account numberType your rocket account number (inluding the last digit). Example – 017000000001
Re-type Account numberRe-type your rocket account number (inluding the last digit). Example – 017000000001
Intermediary bankLeave it empty
FFC or FBOLeave it empty
Set as primary payment methodCheck mark this field if you want to set this up as the default payment method.
  • Once you've done filling all the information, click on “Save” button and boom, you've just successfully added DBBL Rocket as you're payment method.

That's it. I think it looks looks very easy till now, isn't it? They you're waiting for? Just go ahead and open Google AdSense in the new tab of your browser and follow my instruction.

 If you've still any kinds of confusion or question, please don't hesitate to let me know in the comment section below. I will be happy to assist you further.

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