We know that traveling with wired headphones is really painful at all and we believe you won’t be disagree with us about this feedback. And In this review, we’ll be sharing the BEST WIRELESS EARBUDS of 2018-2019 that you should try.

After a long time research, we’ve picked the best wireless headphones from many models of different brand to decrease your pain of choosing the best headphones. The earbuds we’ve chosen are really very good in sound quality and also outlooks as well. By the way, without talking more, let’s show you the best picks of wireless earbuds.

The Top 3 Best Wireless Earbuds You Should Try

Now let’s check out the top 5 picked earphones of current trends. Read the whole review to choose the perfect one for yourself.

1. Jabra Elite 65t – Best Wireless Earbuds Ever!

Jabra Elite 65t

Sound Quality: Fantastic | Design: Fantastic | Comfortable: Super Fantastic | Battery: 5 hrs, 15 minutes | Charging time: Less than 2 hour for fully charged | Warranty: 2 years | Microphone: Yes | Voice Assistant: Supported (iPhone, Android & Microsoft) | Dimension:  4.9×7.3×2.2 inches | Weight: 11 ounces |

The Jabra Elite 65t is really an awesome quality and best wireless earbuds which will provide you the high quality experience of music. You can use this earbuds by connecting with you Android, iPhone, iPad or even in Microsoft mobile phone through bluetooth. If we think about the best comfortable headphones that can keep in your ear without any pain, then Jabra Elite 65t comes in the front of all because of it’s comfortable quality which can reduce the pain of long time use to zero.

This headphone come with a well designed  box which keeps your earbuds when you’ll not be using those. The best benefit of this earbud is you’ll not need to charge those earbuds by taking it out and connecting with charger, rather than it will automatically start charging when you’ll keep those in the box of the earbud. Now let’s talk about another good point of this earbuds. This earbuds are waterproof and will not going to happen anything if it’s falling on water mistakenly.

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2. BeatsX Wireless Earbuds – Best Noise Removal Earbuds

BeatsX Wireless Earbuds

Sound Quality: Great | Design: Nice | Comfortable: Fantastic | Battery: ≈5 hrs | Charging time: ≈2 hour for fully charged | Color: Black/Blue/Gray/Silver/White/Gold | Microphone: Yes | Voice Assistant: Supported (iPhone & Android) | Dimension:  7.1×2.5×5.1 inches | Weight:11.2 ounces | ConnectivityBluetooth | 

BeatsX is our second choice of best wireless earbuds. This one has an unique feature which can provide you the crystal clear music experience and that is noise removal. This earbuds can removes the available noise from any sounds including music player or even in audio/video call.

Using this earbuds, you can easily take calls and also order anything to your assistant like siri because it’s supported by assistant feature directly from the available answering button of the earbuds. The best thing of this earbuds is, you can use this earbuds with any bluetooth supported mobile devices.

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3. Phiaton BT 100 NC Wireless Earbuds

Phiaton BT 100 NC Wireless and Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Sound Quality: Crystal Clear | Design: Very Nice | Comfortable: Yes(Awesome) | Battery: ≈5-6 hrs | Charging time: ≈2-3 hour for fully charged | Color: Black & White | Microphone: Yes | Voice Assistant: Supported [Microsoft (Cortana), iPhone(Siri) & Android (Google Assistant] | Dimension:  7.0×0.5×5.5 inches | Weight: 1.44 ounces | Connectivity: Bluetooth | 

This one is really very much more affordable than the previous two headphones. The price is really half of the previous two headphones. I know the previous two headphones are really cool but this one is not bad as well. If you’re budget is lower than $100 then I suggest you to give a try on this cheap and best wireless earbuds/headphones. I can assume that, it will not be disappointing you. Because this earbuds also has great feature of noise cancelling which means it’s gonna be provide you high quality sounds experience with investing just a very low amount.

According to the aptX feature, you’ll get the improved and dedicated dynamic range and also increasing digital streaming efficiency which is really awesome for wireless device. On the other hand, the decent battery life can helps you to travel anywhere with this device. As this earbuds has the option of ‘wear around your neck’, you can use this when you’re running on morning or evening as well. From reviewing all the side, we can ensure you that you won’t get the best quality headphones with cheap rate like this that has great quality including sound noise remover.

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Now let’s share some more information about why to choose wireless earbuds, how we proceed this review and what types of headphones works best with you and some others.

How we’ve selected those three earbuds as best?

At the very beginning, we’ve selected about 10+ top listed headphones including Optoma NuForce’s BE Sport3, BE6i, Jaybird X3, Beats X, Bose Quiet Control, Jabra Elite, Apple AirPods, Sony WF-1000XF, Phiaton BT 100 NC wireless earbuds and etc. After that we’ve started testing those earbuds with our audio engineer of one of the best audio development studio or production house in our local area. So I want to thanks them a lot to help us for reviewing those products. At the stage of reviewing or testing the sound quality, we’ve deeply taken the ratio to select the best one. We’ve selected first two earbuds according the the quality and the 3rd one, we’ve selected according to the quality and pricing as well to help lower budgeted peoples.

What we’ve considered when selecting the best earbuds?

Audio Quality (obviously) | Noise Enhancement | Comfort Feel | Design & Outlook | Reliable Pricing | Battery Life/Backup | Durability & Portability | Covering range or area (as it’s wireless) | Surrounding | Compatibility | Earbuds Impedance and etc.

Why you should use wireless earbuds?

I’ve already mentioned the reason why you’re going to use those earbuds in the first paragraph. By the way, let me clarify once again. The most painful thing is of using wired earphones is traveling or moving ahead with the painful wires. That is why we can choose the earbuds to get rid from the pain of wires.

Pros & Cons of Using Earbuds


  • Easy to carry (very small size).
  • Good sound quality (with our chosen earbuds).
  • Releasing from the pain of wires.
  • Easy to charge the battery with box.


  • You should think of battery life.
  • Charging the battery of headphones is really pain.
  • When you’ll be travelling to long distance, you won’t be able to use after ending the battery life.


As you’re going to pay for buying earbuds, I want to suggest you to buy the best quality earbuds. Now you can take your decision about which one is best fit for you after reading the whole review. So don’t waste your time just go and get it. And obviously, don’t forget to bookmark this website and star tuned. Thank you all for being with us.

One more thing, if you want to ask us anything or provide any feedback, please don’t forget to use the comment box bellow.


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