Most of the students made a common mistake on the area of research when buying a laptop. They usually gives a very less time on researching the best laptop selection. But no problem from now. We are here to help by selecting the best laptops for university students. After a long time research on the some different type of laptops, we’ve listed only top 5 laptops from them that will  be the best laptop for the university students to cover all their requirements in varsity. Those laptops can help you by providing the better performance to solve your programming, graphical and any other developmental works and home works as well.

We’ve made this research by keeping the universities students and their situations in our mind. Because university life is a life where students require much money to invest for continuing their study and living also. So we’ve selected the best laptops for university students which students can buy those laptops easily without taking too much panic in mind. So I think without taking too much time of saying those thing, we should go ahead and reveal the best laptop lists for students.

# Best Laptops for University Students

Bellow we’ve shown the result of our review by publishing the name of the three best laptops for university students. So, keep reading whole review if you’re going to buy a laptop for your university works.

Samsung Chromebook 3

As you’re a student of university, so you will be moving to anywhere at any time and that is the reason you should avoid the larger and bigger laptop. Now this as per my research I can ensure that Samsung Chromebook 3 can be your partner which easier to carry to anywhere and which one is always ready to provide you the better performance on educational & developmental works.

Black edition of Samsung Chromebook 3
Black edition of Samsung Chromebook 3

Though it has only 2GB internal RAM on this, but you’re also allowed to choose another version of this laptop via amazon that included with 4GB RAM. The processor is powered by 2.16 GHz Intel Celeron CPU. The internal memory can provide you maximum 1600 MHz speed. The laptop will be bring with having 16 GB SSD hard disk drive. You’re also allowed to do some primary level and sometimes intermediate level graphical works with this laptop because the graphics of this laptop is powered by Intel HD Graphics. The display or screen of this laptop is sized with 11.6-inch monitor and that is why you can easily carry this laptop to library, home, class or even on any other location or place that you like. As a newer laptop, this can provide you in average 11 hour battery backup usually.

Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook

XPS 13 is another great developments by the brand Dell. They have included some great features which might provide you the smooth, improved and better quality performance.

Dell XPS 13
Dell XPS 13 released with a great slim body which make the outlook more beautiful.

Dell presentas XPS 13 is combined with great 13.3 inch 1080p anti-glare IPS touchscreen display having Intel 5500 HD graphics as internal and also allowed to use an  portable graphics card as well. Intel Core i5 is used on that laptop as processor which is 2.2GHz speed. The storage is fulled with about 256GB internal SSD. The ram size is 4GB and I think that is enough for this laptop as students is going to use this. So after reviewing all those from different  angle, I believe that this laptop is one of the top rated laptop for university students.

Asus ZenBook UX330UA

ZenBook UX330UA is the the best laptop because of it’s quality. The laptop has the minimum incredible slim body.

Asus ZenBook UX330UA is the only laptop that can provide you long day service
Asus ZenBook UX330UA is the only laptop that can provide you long day service

The body of this laptop is only 13.5 mm and waited only 1.2 kg which is too lower and very good if you move from one place to another normally. According to the requirements of the students, they always keep moving anywhere that requires, so I think this laptop is best for this. Now let’s talk about the quality of inside(I mean let’s look on the important specifications). If we look over the display, it can provide you the QHD+ video quality with it’s 13.3 inch screen. The pixel quality is also superb and it can deliver the maximum numbers of pixels on every inch and that is like 276 pixels per inch. It has up to 12 hour battery life normally. The processor of this laptop is developed using the Core-i7 processor of intel 4th generation. It has 8GB with 1866 MHz RAM which will provide you the maximum performance as well. This laptop has buildin 512 GB SSD Storage which is good enough for the students for educational use and also even personal or professional use also. The WiFi of this laptop is developed with the latest module of 802.11ac Wi-Fi which is more than 2.8x faster than 802.11 b/g/n. So you can enjoy the fastest internet as experience on this laptop too.

So finally I want to say that this laptop is perfect laptop if you want to invest some money for buying the best laptop. But bellow I’m referring a link to amazon which can provide you the laptop in cheap rate than other online shop. So you may check that out.

So at last I want to confirm that Asus ZenBook UX330UA is my first choice between those three laptop because this laptop can buy with minimum amount with better and maximum performance. But still I want to suggest you to think sometime more because according to your requirements but surely those three laptop that I’ve chosen is really awesome and really you’ll be happy with any of those.


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