More than $30 billion is cost by Americans every year by the identity theft scam. Those types of scam try to hack your personal information and use them to apply for loan, credit card service and also on other financial sources without letting you know anything and also without your permission. So if you want to be safe and if you want to reduce you risk and increase your security then you must require an identity theft protection.

There are available many companies who will give you better and secure identity theft protection services but most of them are paid and require monthly subscriptions. By the way today I’m going to share top three companies which are totally free and you won’t need to pay any cents. But their services are totally legal and secure. So you can easily use their services as they are trusted and well qualified by most of users.

The top 3 credit monitoring companies are listed bellow. You can follow them always to be secure and safe.

  1. Credit Karma
  2. Quizzle
  3. Credit Sesame

Now let’s go and see their features and offers about those company and know how their service works.

1. Credit Karma

Credit Karma

Credit Karma is one of the best free identity protection or credit monitoring company who become popular within a very short time. By the way let’s their features and facilities bellow.

  • They are the top and best company on the area of security. They keep your data safe by protecting and encrypting with their great technology. So they can prohibit the unauthorized transmission of your data.
  • You may access to the credit score checking, credit monitoring and report generating without paying any penny or cents that means totally free and cost free.
  • The score of your credit report are provided by the company named and Equifax and TransUnion.
  • They will alert you on the every stage of changes of your credit report, personal data and also on unauthorized access.
  • Credit karma will also provide you the feature of credit calculators and report generation and printing.
  • You can use their free services by just signing up using your email without paying any types of money.

2. Quizzle

Quizzle has free and paid plan. Both are works like a charm. Free subscription has some normal and basic feature and paid feature has some advance feature. You can check your credit score, credit report with or without submitting your credit card information. Now Let’s see some more information about Quizzle bellow.

  • This will not effect on your credit score and report.
  • You can check your qualification of your next purchase (if you are eligible or not).
  •  Quizzle will provide you a full report of your credit report and score in every 180 days means in every six months.
  • On every tries of fraud and theft(unauthorized access ), you’ll be notified via email every time. So that you can also take care of them also from those types of scam.
  • By using their free tools, you can check your credit score and report and also calculate them online from the dashboard of Quizzle.
  • They will provide you the credit report 3 times. One after signing up and another after 180 days and those report are generated by Equifax.
  • You can rebuild and repair your credit via the dashboard of Quizzle.


3. Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame is one of the best company who is taking the best and enough steps to protect your identity from the identity theft. On the other hand, they can provide you the credit monitoring report on daily basis. So now let’s their features bellow.

  • You will receive daily report of your monitored credit score.
  • You’ll be alerted on every time of changes of the credit score, report and data.
  • They provide free identity theft protection with providing a great offer of insurance on your identity and that is covered up with $50,000 in total.
  • They will also investigate and take care your financial movements to check if you are overpaying on your credit card fees and loan or not.
  • According to your credit score, they will show you some offers that will help you to save your money.


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