Nowadays amazon affiliate marketing becoming too much popular rather than using other program for earning money like freelancing, graphics designing or others. Most of marketing specialists are re-arranging their carrier from the beginning by using the affiliate marketing. Our Team has reviewed  most of affiliate network platform and  finally chosen only only 3 from them as best.  From all of them, I suggest you to use JVZoo as third affiliate network, ClickBank as second and finally the first one is most popular, trusted and reliable Amazon Affiliate Network that provide great feature for the affiliate marketer to generate good number of revenue.

Most of our students and partners are earning a huge income using amazon affiliate marketing from¬†$2000-$4000 or sometime more or average less. ¬†So Today I’m gonna tell you everything about amazon affiliate network and the rules of marketing of amazon affiliate products to generate good amounts of sale.

First of all we can discuss about Amazon.

Amazon Inc. is one the most popular online shopping marketplace who launched their business from 1996. I think they have started their business firstly in United States & passing more times with hard working they have increased their service are to worldwide. In the store, there has many seller who uploaded their products & selling their eBook via this marketplace. Currently amazon becoming more popular by providing prime shipping service for express products delivery.

What is Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon affiliate program is one the most popular affiliate program around the world. As I know, Amazon started their affiliate program from 2003. And now it’s becomes the popular best affiliate network. From¬†this affiliate program we can earn huge money by just promoting the products of amazon.

How Amazon Affiliate Program Works?

In this program we will start generating revenue for every sales that we lead for the amazon products. When we open an amazon affiliate account and get approved as publisher, we will get 4% commission for every sales that you will refer using your promotional method. When you will get more of sales then we will start to get some more commission from every sales that you lead.

How amazon affiliate converts

Payment Rules of Amazon Affiliate Network

Let Me show you the revenue or commission that youAmazon Money Making Tips will be able to generate for the number of referring sales.

That means, you will get Four percent(4%) commission for your first 6 sales every months. When you get more then six sales, you will start getting 6% sales commission and when you get more then 31 or more sales then you will get 6.50%  commission as revenue per sales, As like 7% commission for 111-320 sales, 7.50% commission for 321-630 sales, 8% commission for  sales 631-1570 sales, 8.25% commission for 1571-3130 sales and finally or maximum 8.50% commission for 3131 or more sales. So I  can say that, if you can be able to send more leads then you will be able to generate more money.

Applying for Amazon Associates Affiliate Account

For opening an amazon associates affiliate account, please follow the steps bellow.

1. Go to the Website of Amazon Associates Affiliate Program.

2. Click on the “Join Now for Free” Button

3. Now in the email section enter your individual or company email address and then if have have previous amazon account then please enter your password and click on the “sign in using our secure server” button but if you don’t have any amazon account then please check the box that “I am new customer” and then click on “sign in using our secure server” button.

4. If you are previous amazon user then after login, you will get be redirect to amazon associates registration page and if you are new on amazon then you need to fill the amazon signup form then you will redirect to the page of amazon associates registration page.

5. Now fill-out the registration form correctly by with entering the similar name and address that have in your government issued nation identity card.

6. After successful signup, you have to enter your individual or business tax information to be able to get paid from amazon associates.

Choosing Products to Promote

As Amazon is the world’s largest online shopping marketplace, you will get huge number of products to promote. If you are targeting customers from your United States of America or United Kingdom then I will suggest you to check out health related products to get better conversion. By the way choosing products and niche depends up to you and your web traffic. You can choose any products that you love and feel happy to work with.¬†But always think about the trending items¬†to get much more sales. As like if you have a website related to computer and software then I will suggest you to choose¬†Antivirus & Security¬†related products.

Secret of Choosing The Best Niche Products for Promoting

Now I’m going to share you a verified and secret tips that is using by few of our partners to get better result.¬†¬†This tips will help you to generate more leads than before.

First off all go to amazon and search for a a product that related to your niche. Then find for the pre-sale products because most of pre-sale products are newly launched on market and likely become much popular within a very short time. So  start with any of them. As those products are not promoted with much affiliate marketer, you can start promoting with keeping confident in your mind. Hopefully you will start getting sales soon because google always give priority to first and unique content.

Creating a Niche Website

From my experience, I can say that WordPress is one of the best platform to use a niche website with having any types of coding knowledge. Follow those step bellow to live your niche website.

1. Buy a Domain name according to your niche.

2. Order a reliable hosting package

3. Now copy the nameserver or dns address of your hosting plan and paste it the nameserver field of your domain’s control panel.

4. Now login to your hosting cPanel and install WordPress. Now your blog is ready to publish your contents.

Creating The Best Content

We always should remember that “Content is the king of SEO” and we always need to create some useful content that related to your products with having 95% unique materials. If you trying to build up better contents for your affiliate website, then I will suggest you to try those three topics bellow that you can write. Trust me, those topics will really help you to generate more conversion &¬†leads. And I always believe that those topics is the only way to become¬†successful in affiliate carrier.

1. Top 5 or Top 10 (Category name of your selected products goes here) – (Example : “Top 5 Weight Loss products That You Must¬†Try”, “Top 10 Best DSLR Camera That You Can Buy”)

2. Products Review – (Example : “Kaspersky Antivirus Review”, “Canon EOS 80D DSLR Camera Review” etc)

3. Comparison product “X” VS ¬†product “Y” – (Example : “Kaspersky Internet Security &¬†Webroot Internet Security Plus”)

4. How to (Benefit of your products goes here) – (Example : “How to¬†lose weight even faster”)

5. Pros & Cons That You Need to Know Before¬†Buying (Product name goes here) – (Example : “Pros & Cons that you need to know before buying¬†Canon EOS 80D DSLR Camera”)

NB : If you can use those topics to write about then you can shine in your affiliate carrier. But always remember that review articles should have more then 1000-1500 words to rank in google search engine effectively.

Marketing Strategy to Increase Your Sales

After creating content and doing On Page SEO, your blog will become perfect to go ahead for marketing . This is very importation step to get leads and sales. Follow those types of marketing to strategy to increase sales.

* Off Page SEO including Quality Backlink Building ( After few days, I will share the some ideas regarding working off page SEO)

* Pay Per Click (PPC) РAdvertising your products is another best to to increase sales within a very short time. You can use Facebook Ads, Google Adword, Bing Ads and few other advertisement platform to advertise. But I suggest you to use Adword and  Bing ads.

* Forum – You can post on related forum to your products.

* Social Media : Nowadsys social media becoming is too much popular. And Google is giving more priority to every social signals.¬†So you also should use social media like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms for marketing. But always remember, over marketing on social media can cause you to get banned for spamming. So son’t spam on there. Always try to stay in safe state.

* Sharing Video – Currently, sharing videos is the most popular way of marketing. You can create tutorial or review videos that related to your products and upload to video sharing site like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo etc. And then you can include your product link in your video description or ending of your videos.

* Classified Sites – Classified marketing is another great way to increase traffic and real sales. You can use Craigslist, Kijiji, Gumtree, Locanto and other for your promotional marketing.

By the way, always try to remember and keep the line bellow in your mind to go ahead with affiliate marketing and website owners.

Traffic + Traffic + Traffic + Traffic = More Sales = Reaching Your Goal by Generating Expectable Earning

Thanks for reading. No more today and hopefully I’ll sit back again to write something more about the secrets of amazon associates, marketing secrets and SEO guidelines. Till then stay close with us.


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