10 Free Mobile Games To Spend This Holiday


In addition to the heat, summer usually saves us long dead times in which, either we wait for the Sun to allow us to go out into the street, or we have to travel a long car, bus or plane. That’s why we want to bring you this list with  10 free mobile games  that will help you make this vacation more enjoyable.

Aware that it is a short selection compared to the thousands of games available, we encourage you to share the titles and games to which you are hooked with the rest of the readers.

Dr. Mario World

Recently released this reversion of one of the classic puzzle games starring Mario, and perhaps one of the most unnoticed titles of Nintendo. And is that beyond his presence in the Super Smash Bros., Dr. Mario has a past and a line of games of his own.

So, we recommend that you give this addictive game an opportunity, already available completely free for Andorid and iOS devices . The game also contains optional purchases, but these are not strictly necessary to enjoy the game.

Pokémon GO

Little we can tell you that you already know about this phenomenon of Pokémon that has been sweeping since the summer of 2016. And is that vacations are undoubtedly one of the best times to resume or start playing, as it will allow us to visit new places to find and capture new ones of these creatures.

With the third generation already added and new pokémon on the way, you can download Pokémon Go for free to try to “get all of them” from your Android or iOS phone , being another of the free mobile games that will have additional payment contents in-game

PUBG Mobile

We can not talk about free mobile games without including at least one game of Battle Royale, and what better than the free and portable version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which managed to win the Game of the Year, Choice of users, and the most competitive Play Store game.

Developed with the Unreal Engine, this mobile version presents an experience almost identical to that of the original PC game, with which we will even share a cross game.

PUBG Mobile is available for Android and iOS devices (platform to which it took something else to arrive), with a Premium service and other payment contents available.

Brawl Stars

Another game that hardly requires a presentation is the addictive Brawl Stars from the creators of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. With fast games that can last just a few seconds, we will have different modes of combat that will go from the collection of gems or survival, to crazy football games.

Brawl Stars is a totally free title available for phones and tablets with Android and iOSoperating systems , although we will have some contents and loot boxes that we can acquire with purchases through real money.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia

Beyond enjoying his impressive stories, we’ve all always had our favorite characters in the huge Final Fantasy saga. So, this role-playing game and turn-based fighting will allow us to create our own “dream team” by combining the heroes and villains of all the deliveries of these Square Enix games.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is available free of charge for Android and iOS devices , although we will find some content that, besides being able to be acquired through game time, will be subject to purchases with real money.

Parchis STAR

Perhaps the youngest readers did not get to know it, but without a doubt the Parchis has always been one of the most played table games in our country. Now, far from falling into oblivion, Parchis STAR offers us the possibility of rescuing this classic to play wherever and whenever we want, whether against friends, or against players throughout the world.

With purchases and very little invasive advertising within the game, we can enjoy Parchis STAR completely free of charge on Android and iOS devices .

Assassin’s Creed Rebellion

This new version of the Animus developed exclusively for mobile, this game will combine the genres of role, action and management simulation to allow us to embody and reunite an endless number of assassins in our own Brotherhood, and face the templars and their oppression in Spain .

Assassin’s Creed Rebellion can be downloaded and played for free, and although there are content within the game can be purchased with real money, these are not necessary to enjoy the game on both Android and iOS phones .

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

Ubisoft surprised me recently with this rolero style game dungeon crawler and various touches of humor. Although we just need to press the screen to eliminate some weak enemies during the first phases, we will have a good curve of difficulty that will make us more dependent on our ability and equipment to keep moving forward.

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is now available for free for Android and iOS , although again we will find paid content available through real money.

Darkness Rises

With a classic story in which we must defend the world from the expansion of darkness and the hordes of demons, this game of RPG and action presents us with a gameplay and graphics that are very worth mentioning, and that will undoubtedly catch the fans of the gender.

Darkness Rises is available for Android and iOS for free, although we can find some content subject to real payment.

FIFA Soccer

With a gameplay engine, graphics or AI and improved team chemistry, we find the portable delivery of this football game focused on the Ultimate Team of its complete console and PC deliveries.

Closing this list of free mobile games, and available for Android and iOS , the most remarkable feature of FIFA Soccer is its excessive amount of paid content for real money, something that although it does not affect in excess to the fact of being able to play the games, It can cause some imbalances in the multiplayer experience.

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